Be Happy - Be Positive - Enjoy your life


Do you have a wish you hope it come true?  Maybe Love, Wild dream, Success in life?

Crypto Wish Club is created to make your wishes come true in NFTs in gazillion ways through our collections.  

Each collection in Crypto Wish Club has a secret symbolic positive message to wish to enhance holders' life in general. 

Our motto is to create 

make-you-feel-good NFTs

and we hope our NFTs will

move your life forward

in many ways! 

Over the time, we'll encourage NFT community to submit your wishes, so we can create NFTs to achieve your goals.  We'd like to grow with you, NFT community.              - Crypto Wish Club

"Sassy the Chick'n Kimono"

Sassy is a little Chick who has the biggest dream to be a runway fashion model. 

To make her wish come true (that's what Crypto Wish Club is for), she starts to wear Japanese kimonos as the first collection, "Sassy the Chick'n Kimono" and she's digging it. 

Check it out - Kimono patterns hold secret positive messages!

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