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Fly to the Moon

Have you dreamt about space travel before?  Let's achieve the dream through this NFT "Fly to the Moon". 

Moon has been always around us, for us to look up, influence us in many ways in our lives.  We have heard so many times somebody saying "Go to the Moon!"  because Moon has become to be far enough yet,

closest natural satellite for us to be able to reach in our mind despite the real distance.  This collection emphasizes our built-in feel towards the Moon.

Also we have added the elements from Frank Sinatra: Trilby Hat, Bow tie, and Handkerchief with musical note-shaped spaceships to emulate his famous song "Fly Me to the Moon".

Let's go to the Moon together!

  • 3000 total supply 
  • Launched: February 5, 2023 Sunday 11am (EST) / 4pm (UTC)  FULL MOON
    Minted out on February 18, 2023

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Little Flyers